Pharmacy Price Search Instructions

Our industry leading pharmacy price search is tightly integrated with Google Maps making it faster and easier to find the lowest price and pharmacy information. You can easily search across multiple pharmacies and medications to find the lowest prices in your area!

PLEASE NOTE: You can also search for any pet medications that are dispensed at the retail pharmacy. Check our prices then ask your vet for a prescription today!

Please review the steps below before starting your search:

  1. Enter the first few letters of the medication name you wish to price into the medication box. If you have a pill bottle the name will be listed on the label.
  2. Click "Select" next to the name that matches the medication you are searching.
  3. Click "Select" next to the proper dosage and strength. Please make sure this matches exactly as it will affect the price. If you have searched a brand medication the generic substitutes will also be shown.
  4. Enter the number of days your prescription is written for and the number of units you take each day. For package based medication you will be asked how many you need
  5. Click "Add" this medication and quantity to my list.
  6. Repeat the steps above to add each of your medications to the list.
  7. Once all of your medications are added to the list enter your zip code or address at the top and click the search button.
  8. Your results will be displayed with the lowest cost pharmacy at the top. You can click the pharmacy info on the left or the pins on the map to see more detailed information including an itemized medication price list.
  9. If you would like to see additional pharmacy results use the “Show drop down” to select the number of pharmacies to display.

The pharmacy search engine will open in a new browser window. If it does not, you may have a popup blocker enabled on your browser. For the best user experience, we suggest you maximize the pharmacy price search window.

If you experience any problems with the pharmacy search please call %MemberHotlinePhone% for assistance.