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“Subway is my favorite fast food chain. The manager's husband has some heart issues and must take several prescriptions. Some were brands that don't have generic equivalents and we couldn't help her with those. But 3 or 4 prescriptions were for generics and the savings with the RxCut® Card are about $60 a month – that's $720 more in their pocket every year.”

Brad Neillis, Spencer, TN

“Greetings! Please permit me to first of all thank you for your discount phamarcy card. There are so many out there, but your is the most helpful for patients who have dependency on medication!”

James Dennis

“I thought I was doing well paying only the insurance copay of $15.00 for one of my wife's meds. Then I checked the RxCut® Website and did a pharmacy search for the same med. Needless to say I was very happy to find that the pharmacy at my grocery store would only charge me $8.91. Thanks RxCut® you made my day.”

Bob Clemons, Toms River, NJ

“As a small business owner and the rising cost of health insurance, the RxCut® program helped me provide my employees with this great program and saved them a lot of money.”

Harry Porter

“I met a young girl about three weeks ago who has three young children. She was only 27 years old and had been taking the three children to the doctor for asthma for probably the last three months. And every time she'd go the doctor, the doctor prescribed medication that she cannot afford to buy. So we were talking about it and I said, ‘I may have a solution for you.' So we went online to the RxCut® website, put in the name of the medication and her zip code, and 2 of the 3 medicines went from $119.70+ to $22.39, in that range. So, needless to say, this young mother with her 3 children, who had to make a decision between buying food or buying the children medicine; paying her rent or buying the children medicine, making sure they had the necessities of food and shelter…now she can actually have all three.”

Sandi Williams , Cheltenham, PA

“I recently picked up my dad's Torsemide at CVS and with our new RxCut® card it was $5 for a 30-day supply. I said it should have been a 90-day supply and when they corrected the quantity the total cost was still only $5 and the retail price was over $70.”

Ronnie W

“I filled my husband's two prescriptions at our local Hannaford store and I used my RxCut® card. The first prescription's retail price was $62.99 but I only paid $13.55. The second prescription's retail price was $105.01 but I only paid $14.67 for a 90 day prescription. This was cheaper than the copay on my insurance card through my employer. Thanks RxCut®!”

Sonya Macdonald, South Paris, ME

“I have a friend who had a $65 copay on her son's medication and it was moving to $100 or more. I introduced her to the card and she found a pharmacy within 3 miles of her house where she could get the medication for $13.97... AMAZING! Not like the dozen other things I have seen come and go.”

Trebor N.

“Thank you RxCut® for giving me a chance to be healthy and save me money!”

Frankie Wilson

“I am so excited about the savings on the RxCut® Discount Card that I wanted to share with you. I don't have a prescription drug plan, so I thought I would give the discount card a try at the Wal-Mart pharmacy, thinking that it would save me $5 to $10 on a generic drug. The price that I have been paying is $54.62, and today with the discount card, my price is $29.57! And I thought that Wal-Mart would be the best discount until I did price comparison shopping online. I could have saved another dollar and not have the hassle of waiting in line if I had checked the comparison. ”

Linda Allison, Jonesboro, AR

“I was on a city bus that crashed; I was injured and need to take pain medications regularly. I have to use my own cash for them and the insurance company reimburses me, and it can take some time... one of my meds I take was costing me $123.19 a month, and with the RxCut® Card I paid $34.65. I saved $88.54! Another one was $142.99 retail and with the card I paid $85.05 saving $57.94! Thank You for what you are doing.”

Candice B.

“At least one third of our patients are uninsured. They are mostly, really hard working guys that make too much money to qualify for medicaid, but they don't make enough to buy their own insurance. We have patients that take medication that doesn't work very well over a medication that they know works, but can't afford. These cards would be given to our patients that have no insurance, and are in need of some help. This is a great program. I must say, I'm very impressed. ”

Gregory VillaBona, M.D, Dover, DE

“This is the best program ever. I can't believe you've done what our Government is still talking about. I saved so much money on my prescriptions and now all of my friends use this card. Great Job!!!”

Cindy Matthews

“I work at a clinic that treats MS, Parkinson's, Seizures, ALS, and numerous sleep disorders. I plan to distribute to my patients who are in need of assistance. A patient called in tears because she could not afford her medication. I searched and found this website. Using the RxCut® card, she was able to afford her medication.”

Amanda Swanson, Gloucester, VA

“I just want to say THANK YOU so much for sharing the RxCut® savings card with me! With no health insurance, all of the medication required for my Lymes treatment is quite overwhelming, and this little card has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars in just the last three weeks! What a BLESSING!!”

Laurie D

“I just recently moved to the United States and couldn't afford insurance. I have to say that I'm very thankful for this program that saved me more money that I could even imagine.”

Igor Matveev

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. I just experienced these savings using your RxCut® card. Using your card I paid $21.74 instead of my usual monthly payments of $369.00 for ANASTROZOLE TAB 1MG . You folks are a God send, keep up the good work and I'll be sure to tell my church group about the program.”

Sally F. , Victoria, TX

“People just can't believe that they can get such fantastic savings for free. Today people are growing in excitement over this card because of their experiences. People see me on the street and in other places. They come over and hug me and thank me for giving them this card. This card has been a blessing to a lot of people who every month are trying to decide whether they should buy their groceries or buy their prescriptions. And with this card, those folks can buy groceries AND buy prescriptions, and it's really helping them in life.”

Joseph Yeoman, SR., Pleasantville, NJ

“We are a prayer group here at Hope Clinic. I plan on giving these to Hope Clinic to give to their patients who are uninsured or under insured. This is why Hope Clinic got started. So people like that could get good healthcare based on their income. They are a non-profit organization. I was blessed with one of your cards that came in the mail. My husband used it first his medicine would have cost him $35.00 after discount it was just $13.24. I want to share our good fortune with others.”

Tammy Neville , Lafayette, TN

“I just received my free card from your company and thought this had to be a joke, but I would try it once. I had a prescription to get and it was gonna cost me $58.00 with my work insurance, but the drug store ran my cards and it was only $8.00. I couldn't believe it. I will keep using your cards and I keep telling everyone about it. THANK YOU. ”

Kathy Cheesbro

“Just a quick story of interest. My wife hurt her foot today when a large table fell and hit the top of her foot. I took her to the emergency room and the physician said it was just a bad bruise. He gave her a prescription for 30 each 500mg tabs of Naprosyn, an anti-inflammatory. I checked the price on our link (we have a $25 deductible drug benefit on our US Airways health plan) and our RxCut® discount price for this drug is $73.80 so that is a good deal for my $25 co-pay, right? I then checked for the generic equivalent Naroxen and found the following prices on my RxCut® link: CVS- $14.64; Walgreens- $14.64; Fry's Grocery and several other grocery-based pharmacies- $7.85! I went to Fry's and bought it as a cash transaction! My savings were $25.00 - $7.85 =$17.15 and US Airways save a lot more than that! All for 5 min on the computer! This scenario is played out everyday with our clients!”

Jerry Turney, Scottsdale, AZ

“Thank you RxCut® I was able to save $69.74 on just one medication wow what a blessing.”

George Nelson, Mullica Hill, NJ

“Aloha, My name is Ed Nix. I am using the RxCut® card because I have numerous prescriptions I purchase each month. I have saved considerable money because I am not carrying any insurance at all. I saved 30 dollars on one prescription and 65 dollars on another. I have seen discounts of several hundred dollars and more. I encourage you to check it out it's worth the comparison and why not save money right?”

Ed Nix, Aiea, HI

“I decided to give your RxCut® card a try. I had a prescription for something, I had sorta just been holding onto just for this reason. First, I went to your website and did a pharmacy location and price query. I found it to be just as simple and informative as when I had browsed around on it before. I chose to go to Wal-Mart because I figured every town has one and I was going there anyways. Once there, I asked the attendant for a price quote without the card. It came to around $30.00. Then, I presented the card and asked what the price would be with it. She looked at it and asked me if I could come back in about 10 minutes while she looked it up. I did and true to form, the price matched the website's quote of half off. On top of that, she had already filled it. I took that opportunity to ask her if she had ever seen or heard of this card before. She replied saying, "No, but I can tell you this, I've seen a lot of those so called discount cards before (rolling her eyes) and most aren't worth the trouble for people, but this one (handing it back to me)...this one's a good one." She then followed me down to the other end of the counter where the cashier was. At first, I thought it was a little odd cause she had left her post and there were other customers still waiting to be served. She put her hand on the cashier's shoulder and as I was paying for it, the cashier politely asked where I had obtained the card. I glanced at both of them and then the cashier explained, "I hope I'm not being too forward by asking you that, it's just that my sister is on a lot of medications and has no insurance...a card like that could really help her out." At that moment, I realized they must have talked about it. I told them that I had found you online, had spoken to you on the phone today and was trying the service out...that you were sending me more information and as soon as I could, I would be back with one for her sister. I am more excited about this more than ever before! The process is simple, the savings are unbelievable and the word of mouth alone could move these cards.”

John Baldwin, Virginia

“Being a single mother of 3 it's very difficult to make ends meet. The RxCut® card helped me afford the medications I needed to keep my family healthy.”

Emily Hart

“I had one prescription that my prescription coverage only covered for 15 days. I was responsible for paying for the other 15 days of medication. And my out-of-pocket cost was $175 for those 15 days! So, I presented the RxCut® card and was able to get it for an unbelievably low cost of $11.37 for a 90-day supply!”

Theresa Siderio

“My wife and I befriended a gentleman approximately a year ago who had no health insurance but required medication because of a recent cranial procedure. We purchased his drugs for him at Walgreens at a cost of $297.00, but this time at renewal we visited our local pharmacy in town [Monroe] and saved a whopping $240.00. We recently found out about your organization and are informing several individuals that have no medical coverage. THANK YOU.”

Bruce L., Glassboro, NJ

“It was so easy. I went to the website, printed a card, took it to the pharmacy and saved $21.50.”

Sharon Jackson

“I didn't really think that the RxCut® card would be useful until I went to the website and did a comparison. Not only did it save me over $50 on one of my medications, after doing the comparison I was able to save by paying cash for another. I am also going to be saving BIG on my wife's Rx. Thanks RxCut®.”

Ed P.

“Yesterday I met with a young man who could not afford the anti-rejection lab work he needs repeatedly since his liver transplant. These tests literally protect this 24-year-old man's life. I was so grateful to offer him free access to the services available through the RxCut® Discount Card. His anti-rejection medication itself costs $800 a month. He told me, "You are doing a good thing." I had to fight back tears. This young man has no health insurance.”

Michael W. Ring, Bangor, ME

“I'm a diabetic and I have to take diabetic medicine on a regular basis. Through the regular insurance company, I was paying close to $140 for my prescription medicine – four different medications. With the RxCut® Card, now my medication costs me $50, and $5 for shipping. ”

Nelson Geralds, Pleasantville, NJ

“I have always paid $40 for my 90-day supply of meds. Today I went into the pharmacy to pick it up and asked them to run the RxCut® discount card and my cost was only $13.47. How nice was that!!!!! I say very nice:)”

Theresa S.

“With this card, people are now finding out they can make a choice to be able to get money back into their homes, to be able to do some of those things that they desire to do, without spending all their money on medications. They are so excited because it's actually saving them money, and when they realize it's free, they can't believe this card could actually save them hundreds and hundreds of dollars.”

Cathy Dunkin, Philadelphia, PA

“I usually pick up my dad's prescription drugs at a local pharmacy. He is 92 years old, is enrolled in a Medicare Prescription Plan and has a special senior discount card so he rarely pays more than $7 to $10 for a 90-day supply of meds. However, he recently had a new, one-time prescription for a tiny tube of ointment that was not covered by anything he had. The price was $34, but with the RxCut® card, he only paid $17.”

Ronnie Wolf, Cherry Hill, NJ

“ friend is on a catastrophic plan without drug coverage and recently used this card and received a $55 discount without any hassle - super easy and he was very thankful. Thank you again for promoting the program at the last UBA conference! The cards look great and we have already distributed over 1000 of them!”

Allison Nickel, PHR Office Manager, ALBERS & COMPANY, INC, Tacoma, WA

“Just an amazing program that does save you $$$!”

John Stanton

“ When I go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, I always present 2 cards. My health insurance card and a free discount card off the internet. I found pharmacies have different discounts for different insurance or discount cards. A person who does not use either one of these cards is overpaying for their prescriptions. I have been using my health insurance card to get discounts on prescriptions for my family. Recently, I have been experimenting with different services to try and find lower prices on prescription drugs. I was surprised when using a discount drug card printed off my computer at home for free was lower than using my health insurance card at the pharmacy. With my health insurance card I was paying $82.99 for 3 months of Kelnor 1/35, with the discount card it went down to $49.82. Another medication, Tretinoin 0.05% cream, I was paying $75.54, with the discount card $55.40. I saved $53.31 on these two medications by trying a discount prescription drug card instead of my health insurance card. The discount card might not always be lower in cost, but it is worth investigating. There is a healthcare crisis in this country. People want to use more healthcare products and services than they can afford. Our job as consumers is to find the lower cost ways of getting the products and services we value. I always present my health insurance and discount prescription drug card at the pharmacy for any medications I need. I ask the pharmacy to use which ever one costs less. ”

H.G, New York, NY

“Thank you for your discount prescription medication cards- our patients will greatly benefit from this program I'm sure.”

Pam Moella, Community Clinic of Door County, Sturgeon Bay, WI

“I do not have insurance I have been paying a lot for my prescriptions. My pharmacist gave me your card and my prescriptions were half price. Thank you so much for helping me.”

Kent PA

“I really needed a CAT scan and couldn't afford it. I was turned onto this card, called the 1-800 # and with this card I saved over $800. I couldn't believe it!”

Howard Donahue

“I printed a card off the website and put it in my purse. I went to the local grocery store and ran into a friend who was there to fill a couple of prescriptions. I gave her the paper card I printed and told her to have the pharmacist check the price with the card and compare it to what she would normally pay. She saved $46.00 on two prescriptions that day using the RxCut® discount card. ”

Karen Kraft, Williamstown, MI

“I get a prescription filled every month at Walgreens for my parrot. I usually pay $11.00 and with your card I only pay $7.00. ”

Dwight, Las Vegas, NV

“My mother takes an arthritis drug, but recently her plan stopped covering it. She was worried she'd have to switch to a less-effective drug or go without. Instead, she used the RxCut® Card I gave her, and she saw big savings - even better than what her insurance previously covered.”

Brian Snyder, Communications Manager, UBA, Indianapolis, IN

“On Father's Day at my brother's house, his caretaker was there and she told a story of her mother who is being taken care of by a number of brothers and sisters of hers. Each month they get together to pay for her prescriptions. They pay about $260. So they were talking about how they had to get the money together and were waiting for a couple of the relatives to put their money up for this tremendous bill. When she took the card to the pharmacy and got the bill back, it was $116.”

Donald Hackney, Philadelphia, PA

“WOW - Just enjoyed great savings of $23.35 on my first try of the free RxCut® healthcare savings card. I had to renew my anti-inflammatory 60-day supply. I presented the card and they punched in the discount code info on the front of the card. The prior amount of $52.49 (the so-called low price under my Cigna health plan) was somehow now magically only $23.35. And this card is FREE. I like this kind of math. Please let anyone know about this timely benefit. ”

Mark P.

“I am senior pastor at My Liberty Church of God and Christ located in Philadelphia, PA in the West Oak Lane section of the city. I pastor about 4,000 people here at the church. The first week after I gave the Card out to my congregation, I got numerous phone calls from the members of the church that they went to the pharmacy, used their Card and had a discount on their prescription. I was amazed. Our church was able to help our members get some discounts where they can be able to manage and budget their money and do other things.”

Bishop Earnest E. Morris, SR., Philadelphia, PA

“My name is Pauline Sims and my sister-in-law Sonya gave me a RxCut® card while I saw her passing at Wal-Mart here in Columbia, SC. I had just finished shouting at the pharmacy guy telling him, "This is crazy if you think I'm going to pay $68.89 for this prescription!" So my sister-in-law told me to use the card and I did. Wow! Is all I can say. Get this! I paid only $17.64 for my prescription! How can I thank you! Everyone needs to try RxCut® Cards... Gratefully yours”

Ms. Pauline Sims, Columbia, SC

“My wife was very sick recently and when she left the hospital she was given a prescription that was going to cost $93.00. When I gave the pharmacist my RxCut® Card the price was only $71.00 with your discount.”

Herb, Atlanta, GA

“Thank you, I was given this card and it helped me save on my prescriptions.”

Debra Wible

“Wow, I saved so much on my prescriptions this month and I was able to go shopping for myself. Thanks RxCut®!”

Farrah Crest

“ I just had a personal incident occur that reinforces the value of the RxCut® program! I had told my daughter back in Arkansas to be sure to call me before she refilled any prescriptions for the family. My son-in-law works for Entergy as an engineer and they have a $3,000 deductible health plan so their prescriptions are pretty much always out of pocket. My grandson takes the antibiotic Omnicef for ear infections and they have the script filled at Wal-Mart for around $80.00. She used the RxCut® card for the refill and it cost her $25.43! When you consider the number of prescriptions filled annually by families (not to mention seniors) the potential economic impact is amazing. We owe it to our families and friends to get the card into their hands! ”

Jerry D. Turney, Scottsdale, AZ

“I was paying $164 for my wife Mary's medication and now I pay $25. I was amazed and I'm thrilled to be saving so much money every month. It has made a big difference in our lives. I now use the RxCut® card for all our medicine. I recommend that people use the pharmacy search engine to find the cheapest pharmacy in your area so you can start saving today.”

Joe Matthews, Maple Shade, NJ

“Two weeks ago on a Saturday I did a presentation about the RxCut® card to a group of fifteen pastors. At the conclusion of the session one of the pastors wanted information about the RxCut® Program but he also asked for one of my RxCut® cards I was distributing. The following Monday (2 days later) he called and told me that right after the presentation he took a prescription to the pharmacy for a generic medicine LATANOPROST SOL for his wife. The pharmacy's system was down so they could not process the card. However, they told him to come back the next day and that if there was a discount they would refund him. Since his wife needed the medicine on Saturday, he went ahead and paid the $87.99 that he was accustomed to paying for the past year. The next day he went back as the pharmacy instructed so they would process the card to see if he were entitled to a discount. The card was processed and the pharmacy gave him a refund of $67.94! The new cost of the medicine with our card is now $20.05. The pastor told his congregation and they are waiting for a supply of cards to distribute that will bless so many people.”

Sandi Williams, Cheltenham, PA

“ I took my dog to the vet for his annual checkup, and the vet prescribed him 42 tablets of Cephalexin 500mg, 21 tablets of Enalapril 5mg, and 60 tablets of Levothyroxine 25mcg. The vet charged $32.58 for the Cephalexin, $23.76 for the Enalapril, and $68.72 for the Levothyroxine. With my RxCut® card, I paid $10.58 for the Cephalexin (a savings of $22), $12.54 for the Enalapril (a savings of $11.22), and $12.44 for the Levothyroxine (a savings of $56.28). I saved $89.50 total! Finally, when I went to the doctor, I was prescribed Bactrim DS 800-160. My insurance didn't cover it, and I would've had to pay $76.28 for the generic, but with my RxCut® card, I paid $11.26, saving me $65 ”

Krisin Milana, Lindenwold, NJ

“After losing my job and insurance, RxCut® came to my rescue by saving me hundreds of dollars!”

Peter West