Please print the FREE card below and provide to a participating pharmacy with your prescription to receive immediate savings.

RxCut® is concerned about the rising healthcare costs affecting over 50 million people in America and we are offering FREE access to savings up to 75% off prescription and up to 50% off the typical price of lab tests and imaging services.

  • No enrollment fees
  • Everyone qualifies
  • All cards are active
  • No activation or enrollment
  • Unlimited uses
  • Never expires
  • Works for all FDA approved prescription medications

To locate a lab or imaging center or to order your test follow the links below or call toll free by phone at 1-800-808-1213. Don't forget to print your FREE card above, you will need the RxGroup number to obtain the savings.
*Lab and imaging benefits are not available in Rhode Island.

If you use your RxCut® discount card during the Medicare coverage gap, please keep in mind: (1) Retain receipts for all medication purchased and submit them to your Medicare provider. (2) Before using your RxCut® discount card you should check with your Medicare provider if they accept paper receipts.

Savings Links
Locate a participating pharmacy in your area
Look up prices for your medications using this program
Save on laboratory screening tests
Save on imaging services
Save on prescriptions by ordering through the mail
Visit the full website for additional information and savings

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Prescription Savings Examples
Label NameTypeQuantityRetail $Discounted $Savings $Savings %
LOVASTATIN TAB 20MGGeneric30$86.99$8.24$78.7590.52%
AMLODIPINE TAB 10MGGeneric30$60.99$9.10$51.8985.07%
GABAPENTIN CAP 300MGGeneric90$76.49$21.00$55.4972.54%
ENDOCET TAB 10-325MGGeneric30$229.57$86.00$143.5762.53%
HUMULIN N INJ U-100Brand40$248.17$109.94$138.2355.69%
*These are actual transactions processed using our program in 2010.

Laboratory Savings Examples
Test NameRetail $Discounted $
*Lipid panel$ 76.70$ 25.55
General Health panel$ 185.00$ 50.50
Basic Metabolic panel$ 45.07$ 24.00
*Most frequent laboratory test.
Imaging Savings Examples
MRI Average Cost$1,890
RxCut® Average MRI Cost $855
CT Average Cost$1,068
RxCut® Average CT Cost $499

All of the cards printed below are active and ready for immediate use at the pharmacy. Feel free to share them with your family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else who can benefit from the program. These FREE cards offer up to 75% discounts on prescription medications, laboratory tests and imaging services. Everyone qualifies. No Enrollment required. In order to begin saving at the pharmacy cut out one of the cards below and take it with your prescription to a participating pharmacy.